• IProperty 3

    ((IP3 :: real estate made easy - now available on multiple platforms! ))

    Friendly UI.

    Easily manage listings, agents, companies, open houses, and more with IP's friendly user interface!

    Bootstrapped Layouts .

    Utilizing Twitter Bootstrap and Joomla JUI to create the most powerful and flexible IProperty yet!

    New Flavor.

    IProperty is now available in Joomla or WordPress Berry, what are you in the mood for? Both are delicious.

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  • IP Features

    ((Features :: so many features it's impossible to list them all! ))


    Highly-configurable management options and ACL to restrict users to own listings, or own company listings. Super agents to manage company agents. So much more.


    Subscription based listings (free or paid) supported via 3rd party extensions. Currently Akeeba subscriptions and AEC plugins are available.

    Ajax Advanced Search.

    Ajax-powered advanced search view with Google or Bing maps. Sliders or dropdowns. Multiple Layouts. Options galore.

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  • IProperty for Pros

    ((Professionals :: need feeds? We can help! ))


    We have created dozens of custom import routines that can pull in XML, CSV, or RETS data and integrate these listings into your IProperty site!

    Multi-agent Setups .

    Allowing you to syndicate your listing data to multiple agent installations of IProperty within your brokerage from a central IProperty repository!

    Flex MLS

    We have a custom-built version of IProperty that uses the FBS Spark Platform API system to issue real-time data requests, pulling in the freshest data possible!

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  • This demo version of Intellectual Property is built for the Joomla 3 Content Management System (CMS).
  • IProperty Features include: Highly-configurable front-end property management options: Restrict users to their own listings, or let
  • Professional Agents-- Need MLS data? XML feeds? Are you a professional real estate agent or broker?


Administrators have access to all data, front end and admin panel content. Managers (demo_manager user) also have access to all front end and admin content; however they are not able to use the backup and restore or import csv functionality in the admin panel, nor are they able to save global settings.

username: demo_manager
password: demo_pass
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Super Agents

Super agents are able to edit all of their own listings, as well as their own company profile, agents, and agents' listings. They do not have access to the admin panel but can edit all available front end content for their own company.

username: super_agent
password: super_pass
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Basic Agents

Basic agents can edit their own listings and profile. They do not have access to any other agents' listings or company information. They do not have access to the admin panel. Administrators also have the option to make any agent a super agent from the admin panel.

username: basic_agent
password: basic_pass
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IP Featured Agents

Super Agent
Century 28

I'm a super agent! I sell stuff! Since I'm a super agent, I am assumed to be a trusted admin for my company. I can do just about anything that a site admin can do, as far as this component goes. I (...)

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IP From Heron Out!
IP From Heron Out! Warsaw, Indiana

Genitus vindico velit, gemino feugait utinam pneum fere sed valetudo sino iriure distineo abbas defui. Quod consequat oppeto tation aliquip dignissim comis, autem tation importunus imputo inhibeo (...)


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Pike Street Property
Pike Street Property Seattle, Washington

Note: The content in the text editor (if in use) may not be a completely accurate reflection of your site content depending (...)


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Portland St. 2 bed, 1 bath
Portland St. 2 bed, 1 bath London

This is a great home for a newly wed couple (preview text)

$390,000 $250,000